Drawing Challenge: One Year Later

One year ago, I started a year long drawing challenge where, each Friday, I would sketch some kind of plant in my sketchbook and then share it online. Below are all fifty-two Friday sketches, plus several bonus ones. I have to admit, I love seeing all the sketches compiled in one image.  I can see where I improved from my first couple of sketches to my most recent ones. Practice, really does make perfect.

On that note,  I've decided to do another year of Friday morning sketches, but maybe use some sketching tools other than a pencil. 

Below are my latest sketches since my last post in July. 


Buttons & Christmas Cards 0h My....

Last month I decided to purchase a button maker so I can sell homemade buttons. My first project was to illustrate and create three sets of doughnut buttons. Anyone who really knows me, knows that my guilty pleasure is doughnuts. I never really painted food before, but I had a such good time that I may do more in the future. On a side note, painting food does make me hungry most of the time. 

I also created some new packaging for the buttons which was fun. I will do another post in the future to showcase the packaging. 


Two months ago, I designed two Christmas cards that are available for purchase and download from my Etsy shop. The first one is Christmas ornaments inspired by Scanavidian folk art.  The second one is a simple illustration depicting a forest decorated for Christmas.

These cards have been received so positively that I may print them out and sell them in my shop next year. 


Happy Halloween 2016

I thought I would do a quick illustration this morning to celebrate Halloween.

 Happy Halloween everyone!


For Halloween this year, we went to What's Up? Hot Dog in our neighborhood. The owners decided to transform the entire shop into Bob’s Burgers. They only served delicious unique burgers and the staff was dressed up s the show's characters.  


Autumn Love


Even though we are a month into the season, I just wanted to say Fall is my favorite season of the year. I find hiking and walking so much more relaxing and refreshing because of the cooler weather and seeing the beautiful canopy of red, gold, and orange leaves everywhere. 

I also look forward to the rich soups, crisp apples, pumpkin spice, hot coffee and steaming cups of hot tea. In other words, comfort foods. In many ways, comfort is what the fall is all about for me. 

Anyway, I thought I do a quick illustration inspired by the Autumn season.


Love For the Black Dog Illustrated 8.5x11 Art Print

A new archival print is up for sale on my shop! A couple of months ago I created this illustration as a dedication to my dog, Jake, who passed away last spring. Since then, I've tweaked the illustration and now, they are ready to go to new homes. 

20% of the profit from the sales of this print will be donated to Main Street Mutt Rescue. Main Street Mutt Rescue is a small foster based non-profit organization in Washington that rescues dogs from high-kill shelters in other states. I chose this organization because we adopted our newest member, Oliver, from this rescue. Both Amy and the fosters do amazing jobs rescuing and taking care of dogs and even some cats too.


Summer Vacation 2016

In August, my husband and I went for a two-week vacation traveling British Columbia, Canada. We drove all the way north to Prince George and then drove to the South Okanagan where some of the best wine in the country is located. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. One minute you can be in the rainforest and then the next minute in the desert. I can't wait to travel this beautiful province again soon. 


Tribute to Jacoby

Two months ago, my husband and I lost our twelve year old dog, Jacoby, to pancreatic cancer. I have to admit it has been a hard couple of months without him. My husband wrote a beautiful blog post about him and his life. Please be advised Kleenex may be needed.

I started this illustration just before we found out he was sick. So it took me awhile to finish it. I consider it a nice memorial illustration dedicated to a great lovable dog. I used my new gouache brushes to create this piece. I’ve been wanting to experiment with a looser painting style than my clean vector illustration.  

This illustration will be available in my shop very soon. I am also thinking of donating some of the profit to a local shelter in honor of Jacoby. 


Self Portrait

As an artist, I thought it was time to do a self-portrait of myself. I have never really used myself as a subject so it was interesting working on this piece. It was also good practice for using my new Photoshop brushes. 



My new Tool

I'm so happy that it's spring. I was getting very tired of the constant storms and lack of sun for the last few months. I will need to dust off my hiking shoes soon, as it is almost time to hit the trails. 

Last month, I purchased the Epson Surecolor P-600 printer to do home printing for my Etsy shop. I can now print high quality archival prints in my studio without going to the printers. It is an amazing printer that can print up to 13" x 19". It uses special ultra chrome pigment inks which make the print sunlight resistant. Epson guarantees a great color performance for 40 + years. There are 9 cartridges: Yellow, vivid magenta, vivid light magenta, cyan, light cyan, light black, light light black, matte black and photo black. 

epson printer

Above are my first prints. I was really impressed with the results. The colors were spot on and the details were very crisp. The Adventure Time Print was printed on Red River 64lb. Aurora Art White Paper. The beard print was printed on Epson Hot Press Bright Paper. Of course, they are both available for purchase in my Etsy shop


Orange Cat

I recently purchased some new Photoshop brushes from Kyle's Brushes. I'm in love with the new gouache set which I used for a quick illustration of an orange cat. I think I will try the watercolor brushes next. 


UPPERCASE Creative Calendar 2016

I'm delighted to share that one of my illustrations appeared in the 2016 UPPERCASE Creative Calendar.  

The Calendar is a free insert for subscribers to UPPERCASE Magazine with the January issue. The calendar features many artists from around the world with images and quotes to keep you creative all year long.  You can find my little bird on the December page. You can also find my fellow artist friend Michelle Clement  in the calendar as well.If your not a subscriber you can join the newsletter list at UPPERCASE Magazine and receive a free download every month. 


Photo Provided by UPPERCASE Magazine

Photo Provided by UPPERCASE Magazine