Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Happy New Year!! Yes, I know it's two weeks into the new year, but I promised myself that I would stay away from the computer for several weeks during the holidays. 2013 was a good year, I worked on a lot of great projects, I bought my first home, and celebrated my five year wedding anniversary.
I am looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings.

For the new year, I bought a limited edition letterpress calender, from the Vancouver Letterpress League. Each artist designed and printed one month. The calender is very beautiful.

I'm not huge on New Year's resolutions, but I think what I would like to do a little more art with my hands rather then using the computer all the time. In the last couple of years I have been into type and wanted to play around with lettering. I'm always looking at artists on Dribbble and Behance who do lettering and I am always amazed with the lines and beautiful flow in their work.  My husband bought me a calligraphy set with a great book for Christmas, so I will practice calligraphy in my spare time for fun.

Usually,  I only post things about my work, but in 2014 I would like to post more things like my process and inspiration. I'm hoping maybe twice a month as a start and we will see how that goes.

Well 2014, let's see what you have to show me!