Buttons & Christmas Cards 0h My....

Last month I decided to purchase a button maker so I can sell homemade buttons. My first project was to illustrate and create three sets of doughnut buttons. Anyone who really knows me, knows that my guilty pleasure is doughnuts. I never really painted food before, but I had a such good time that I may do more in the future. On a side note, painting food does make me hungry most of the time. 

I also created some new packaging for the buttons which was fun. I will do another post in the future to showcase the packaging. 


Two months ago, I designed two Christmas cards that are available for purchase and download from my Etsy shop. The first one is Christmas ornaments inspired by Scanavidian folk art.  The second one is a simple illustration depicting a forest decorated for Christmas.

These cards have been received so positively that I may print them out and sell them in my shop next year.