Graphic Designer & Illustrator




Hello, my name is Nicole Standard and I'm a freelance designer & illustrator working and living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  I was an animator for several years working on children animated shows.  Eventually, I found my love for design and illustration. I have partnered with non-profits, start-ups, and the entertainment industry from around the globe. I love to work with clients to solve problems and create interesting and functional work. I have a bottomless passion for creating visual works within a wide range of styles across both digital and traditional media. I am inspired by color and whimsical imagery which you will see in my work.  

I am an animal and nature enthusiast as well as a lover of paper products. So when I’m not in my studio you'll find me outdoors, hanging with my dogs, or sipping a coffee at a local coffee shop. I hope you enjoy my work and if you have questions or comments please contact me.